Programs & Services

Restorative Justice operates the following programs to meet the needs within our community:

  • Restorative/Youth Justice– primarily referred to us from the courts for youth or adults who have come into contact with the justice system.
  • Mediation Services– utilizes mediation for family, workplace, neighbourhood, and other interpersonal conflict. For those who require a third party in order to facilitate conversation.
  • Men Achieving Change (M.A.C.)– A men’s support group geared towards any man struggling to make improvements in their own life and are in need of support.
  • Community Conferencing-A method of conflict resolution that can be used in many non-judicial settings when an incident has happened and has affected a community. Community has several definitions in this circumstance including school, family, church, sports team, neighbourhood, etc.
  • Peacekeeping Circles- An 8-week educational program in line with curricular health learning objectives that our committee would come in and teach to a set of students.