Bring RJ into your school

Restorative Justice has a wide range of applications, including within an educational setting. Our committee has  specific programs ideal for working Restorative Justice into the busy school day while reducing overall time dealing with conflict. This method follows a basic script allowing administrators and teachers to be trained quickly, while ensuring a consistent classroom management approach. If you are interested in knowing more, contact us and we are available for presentations and/or we can provide a package of materials.

Community Conferencing views conflict as harm done to people and relationships; the focus being on restoring harmony within the “community” ie) the school. It empowers the school community to gain a better understanding of the root causes of conflict to build a safe and respectful environment for all students. This method is used when there has been an incident or series of incidents within the school/classroom.

Principles of Community Conferencing

  • Recognition of Harm– recognizes the person who has harmed, who they have harmed, and the harm that has been done to the school community.
  • Inclusion– Understands that conflict does not happen in a vacuum between two people. It reaches beyond the initial act and includes all who have been affected by the conflict. (students, admin, teachers, parents, etc.)
  • Accountability– Person who caused harm is accountable for their action(s); school community and family are accountable for assisting this person in restoring the community.
  • Truth– Uncover the truth of why the conflict has occurred to start to build understanding, compassion, and empathy for all individuals.
  • Safety– ensuring the process is safe and supportive for all participants with the goal of a safer school community as a whole.
  • Reparation– How can the damage be repaired to everyone, and peace be restored.