Alberta Restorative Justice Association

Alberta Restorative Justice Association (ARJA) is composed of organizations and individuals dedicated to increasing understanding of restorative justice and how it can benefit communities. ARJA encourages community action that strengthens existing restorative justice programs and encourages the development of new restorative justice programs in communities in Alberta. Click here to visit their website.

Family & Community Support Services

We believe that a community’s most valuable resources are its people. We endeavour to enhance the quality of life for children, youth, families, seniors and others by providing programs and services that are empowering , build resiliency and strengthen our community. Click here to visit their website

City of Fort Saskatchewan

You can find  many of the community programs that we refer to and use in Fort Saskatchewan here. 

County Clothesline

Located in Sherwood Park; this establishment hosts some of our volunteers and supports our program initiatives. You can view their page here.

Fort Saskatchewan Boys and Girls Club

This organization is dedicated to healthy kids, youth and families in Fort Saskatchewan. Restorative Justice is partnered with the Boys and Girls Club in several ways. They assist us in overseeing files as well as connect many of our clients with resources within the community. We are also partnered in the Peacekeeping Circle initiative. You can view their website here.

Fort Saskatchewan Crown Office

Our program is sanctioned by the Crown Office and often refers files to our program. For more information Click here to visit their website .

Fort Saskatchewan Probation

Probation offices also are a consistent referral source to our program, click here to see more information.

Fort Saskatchewan Victim Services 

Many of our clients have either been in contact with or utilize Victim Services. They are a police-based program that works in partnership with Alberta Justice and the RCMP to promote and advocate the rights and entitlements of victims of crime and tragedy. Fort Saskatchewan Victim Services provides information, support, and community referrals in accordance with the provincial guidelines outlined in the Victims of Crime Act, the Criminal Code of Canada, and the Victims of Crime Protocol. To access their services click here and visit their website.

Kanata Inn 

We hold many of our meetings and sessions here, their hospitality is unmatched. To visit their website and make a reservation yourself click here.

RCMP Fort Saskatchewan

We get a lot of support from the local RCMP in the way of referrals. Our partnership has allowed countless youth second chances, and opportunities for grow. To know more about our local RCMP and what they do for our community visit their page on the city website here.

Robin Hood Association

Robin Hood is a registered non-profit organization committed to excellence in assisting individuals with disabilities to achieve their personal best and experience a quality lifestyle. Our committee continues to send volunteers to this organization. Here they learn empathy, compassion, and responsibility. To learn more about the amazing services Robin Hood provides click here.

Alberta Solicitor General

Alberta Solicitor general is an extremely valuable partner with Restorative Justice. They provide funding and education for restorative justice committees all over Alberta. They are committed to supporting crime prevention and restorative justice initiatives. To learn more about their Crime Prevention and Restorative Justice Unit (CPRJ unit) and what they can do for your local community click here.

United Way 

United Way is committed to the allocation of resources in surrounding communities. United Way sits on established Community Investment Committees comprised of citizens within each community that we serve, which directs dollars based on what they feel would be of greatest benefit to their municipality/region, aligned within our strategies and desired results. They have supported the Fort Saskatchewan Restorative Justice and Area committee and funding has been used to train many volunteers working in the community currently.

Volunteer Program Association

Restorative Justice falls under the umbrella of the many programs the VPA oversees. The VPA connects volunteers with Restorative Justice and the agencies it is partnered with. To learn about volunteer opportunities in Fort Saskatchewan you can check out their website here. 

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