Bullying & Intervention Partnership

Contact The Boys and Girls Club of Fort Saskatchewan or Restorative Justice of Fort Saskatchewan to receive support. These services are available for people being harmed; as well as people who may be causing harm to others.

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Community Conferencing

Through a Community Justice Forum, people affected by crime can participate in a process which transforms the conflict into cooperation. Provides closure and allows healing to begin.

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Mediation Services

Mediation provides the support for a third party, neutral mediator to create a safe place for people in a dispute to have a discussion and explore how to resolve a conflict.

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Youth Justice

Restorative Justice as it relates to youth justice provides high levels of satisfaction for both the Victim and the Offender.

It diverts less serious offences from the courts to the community, freeing up the courts to deal with more serious crimes. Thus reducing costs to the community and the legal system.

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